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Saint Germain is a Being that create Himself, Male and today is a Pillar of Violet Flame.

He is very Old and never suffer Death. He however ascend to the Lord ... but return at the Times of Thoth, taking his Place after Thoth.

We can say that 'Thoth' was Lord Meru (Amaru Muru) but then Germain take his place to help the people of Atlantis to move to Egypt ... There him begin to Teach the Sacred Science to let people believe again and create the Egyptian Dynasties.

The Last Flood was 13,000 years ago ... However he also live in Older Arabia like a ruler ... 70,000 years ago. In those 'Arabian days' the Sahara Desert does not exist but was a Tropical Enchantment ... Those Stories are related like 'Aladdin and the Arabian nights' ... also called the Tales of 1001 nights. (Please understand was also day ... not only night ... I was there with him ... but this is not important ...)

Moving to High Physics and High Biology ... He lives in Our DNA ... in any cell.

In fact, he represents the DNA Layer #9 -

The Flame of Expansion".

Saint Germain today ...

Saint Germain like Joseph, Mentor of Lord Jesus


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